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Updated August 12, 2020
Author Miniclip
Category Games
License Freeware
Language English
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8 Ball Pool Miniclip is a lightweight and highly addictive sports game that manages to translate the challenge and relaxation of playing pool/billiard games directly on the monitor of your home PC or a laptop. Built from the ground up to run on a wide variety of PC configuration, this standalone PC app (which was also released as a browser game with streamlined Facebook friend list support) can easily capture your attention and provide an incredible amount of fun no matter if you want to play solo or against your friends in both direct challenge matches or large online tournaments.

One of the biggest hurdles present in the 8 Ball Pool game is the need to learn how to be highly proficient with its in-game controls. While the knowledge of real pool/billiards and proficiency in the real game can help you to more easily navigate challenges present when making each shot, the best way toward success is to learn how this game reacts to your inputs. In addition to straight shots, the game has full support for advanced moves such as spins, angle speed, and more. After the initial period of learning, the gamers usually find themselves locked in a cycle of incredible addiction after winning against friends and disappointing frustration when the matches are not going their way.

In addition to engaging and fun offline play against the computer opponents, 8 Ball Pool Miniclip also has built-in support for matchmaking with Facebook friends or total strangers. One of the good things that are present in online matches is skill-based matchmaking that will match you with opponents of roughly your own skillset. Here lies one of the biggest dangers of this game – it can become incredibly addictive, causing you to lose many hours competing against online opponents from all four corners of the world.

Be aware that 8 Ball Pool aggressively promotes the purchase of in-game “coin” currency that can be spent for unlocking more matches after the losses have placed timers on your active gameplay. In addition to the very well-optimized Windows PC version, this game can also be played on Android and iOS devices.

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