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Latest Version Desktop 1.0.1809.1301

Windows 10 (32-bit) / Windows 10 (64-bit)

Updated August 12, 2020
Author SplitmediaLabs
Category Games
License Freeware
Language English
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Overview Desktop app is where gamers come to create around the games they love playing. Livestream and record for your favorite platforms. Hundreds of professionally designed overlay templates. Share gaming updates with your community and it's all FREE!

A revolutionary new way to stream your games! Just hit CTRL+TAB to bring up the HUD and start streaming in seconds without leaving your game window. Works with Twitch, Mixer, YouTube & Facebook! Just pulled off a sick clutch to take home the Victory Royale? Use simple and intuitive Express Editor for a quick upload to YouTube, Twitch, or socials.

Choose from hundreds of themes and make your stream your own! It built the most powerful cloud overlay editor with a ton of templates to choose from that you can customize at will! Dozens of widgets to choose from! Use templates or upload your own. A place to create, share and hang out with gamers. Make friends, grow your audience, and find your guild with extensive social features.

Streaming and Recording
Look like a pro with the easiest to use live streaming and recording application out there. Use the Studio to set up your scenes and alerts and then go live from unique in-game HUD!

Overlay Templates
Use one of the hundreds of professionally designed overlay templates and customize them with a powerful overlay editor. They come with widgets, alerts, stream cups, trains, donation systems, and more.

Your Gaming Community for Desktop includes a full community platform just for gamers. Share your gaming updates, join groups of players, and cross-post to Twitter, all from one place. You can access the feed and chat in-game too!

The Ultimate Gaming Profile
It helps you create your gaming profile by simply connecting to your gaming, social and content accounts. It even tracks your gameplay and keeps those stats updated!

Features and Highlights
  • Easily stream and record your gameplay from your studio or in-game
  • Access hundreds of professionally designed overlay templates
  • Engage your audience with alerts, trains, cups, extensions
  • Edit and upload your videos with Video Editor
  • Connect to your gaming community with social features
  • Track your gameplay across all your games
  • Build your ultimate gaming profile and business card
  • 100% free and with 24/7 live support

What Can Offer You:

  • Get a super awesome, beautiful profile to show off your games, video, streams, achievements, and more.
  • Great discovery tools for finding other players, teams, and games!
  • Awesome communication tools.
  • A real-time newsfeed dedicated to gaming updates, with no character limit!
  • Create and manage your groups.
  • Get one of super awesome, beautiful profiles to show off your members, games, content, and more.
  • Great discovery tools for finding new team members, other teams, and awesome new games!
  • Awesome communication tools.
  • A real-time newsfeed for posting your group updates, with no character limit!
  • Add your events or meetups.
  • Get a beautiful game page to show off how good your game looks!
  • Grow your fanbase through a platform dedicated to gaming.
  • Engage your fans and let them add videos, streams, screenshots, and more to your game page.
  • Get fan feedback and suggestions on improvements in a scalable way!
  • Link your game pages to your Company profile.
  • Get an awesome company profile that shows off your team, products, videos, and more.
  • Grow and connect with your fanbase on a platform dedicated to the gaming community.
  • Awesome communication tools.
  • Share updates about your company and your product with fans.
  • Manage your game or product pages, with the help of your fans.

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