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Scans, Detects and Protects from Ransomware Malicious Attempts!

Latest Version Ransomware Defender 4.4.0

Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Windows 11

Updated June 24, 2023
Author ShieldApps Software
Category Anti-Virus
License Trial
Language English
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ShieldApps’ Ransomware Defender is a unique solution for detecting and blocking ransomware before any damage is done. The software is specially designed to blacklist and stop both common and unique ransomware, and it stands guard 24/7 utilizing active protection algorithms enhanced with user-friendly alerts and notification systems.

One of the standout features of Ransomware Defender is its advanced Scan > Detect > Lock Down mechanism. This mechanism proactively stands guard to detect threats and works alongside all main antivirus and anti-malware products. Additionally, the program provides a scheduled automatic scan, a secured file eraser, lifetime updates, and support.

It detects and removes any known ransomware before it can take action and harm your PC. The program deep-scans your device and finds hidden ransomware in both high and low-level folders. The software provides a complete hands-off option, proactively managing scan, detection, and block bfor you.

What`s new

The latest version 2023 of Ransomware Defender features added protection from online threats. The software will block malicious websites and online scripts from attacking your computer, providing an extra layer of protection against ransomware.


Ransomware Protection
It keeps an eye out for potential ransomware threats at all times.

Smart Ransomware Detection
Utilizing advanced detection systems, it can quickly locate and report any potential threats in real time.

Active Protection and Notification System
With 24/7 active protection, any suspicious activity is immediately stopped, reported, and removed if necessary.

Internet Security
In addition to ransomware protection, the app also provides protection against malicious online attacks and malware infections.

Scheduled Scans and Clean Action
You can schedule automated scans at your desired frequency and timing, ensuring your computer is regularly scanned without requiring manual intervention.

Automatic Updates
It automatically updates daily to provide the most comprehensive and accurate detection rate possible.

Fully Automated
With just a few clicks, Ransomware Defender performs all necessary processes automatically for you.

Secure File Eraser
If you suspect an application on your PC contains a threat, it allows you to remove it alongside any related files.


If you are looking for Ransomware Defender alternatives, we recommend you to download Malwarebytes, Malware Hunter, or IObit Malware Fighter Free.

How to Use

ShieldApps’ Ransomware Defender is user-friendly and straightforward to use. After downloading and installing the software, it automatically runs a scan of the system to detect any potential threats. The program's dashboard is easy to navigate, with different sections for different functionalities such as a scan, settings, and updates. Users can perform scans manually, schedule scans, and customize settings such as notifications and updates.


What is ransomware, and how does Ransomware Defender protect against it?
Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts a victim's files and demands payment to restore access. Ransomware Defender protects against ransomware by utilizing advanced detection systems that locate and report potential threats in real-time. It also has an active protection and notification system that stands guard 24/7 and stops any suspicious activity.

Can Ransomware Defender be used alongside other antivirus and anti-malware products?
Yes, it works alongside all main antivirus and anti-malware products, providing an additional layer of protection against ransomware.

How often does Ransomware Defender update?
It updates daily to ensure the most comprehensive and accurate detection rate possible.

Can Ransomware Defender be automated?
Yes, the program is fully automated, with just a few clicks performing all necessary processes automatically.

Does Ransomware Defender have a file eraser?
Yes, it has a secure file eraser that allows users to remove any applications suspected of containing threats, along with any related files.

System Requirements

Ransomware Defender is compatible with Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11. It requires at least 2GB of RAM, 200MB of free hard disk space, and an active internet connection for updates.

  • Advanced detection systems that locate and report potential threats in real-time.
  • Active protection and notification system that stands guard 24/7.
  • Compatible with all main antivirus and anti-malware products.
  • Automatic updates to ensure the most comprehensive and accurate detection rate possible.
  • User-friendly interface and customizable settings.


  • Only available for Windows operating systems.
  • Limited file restoration options after an attack.


ShieldApps’ Ransomware Defender is an effective and user-friendly solution for protecting against ransomware threats. Its advanced detection systems, active protection, and notification system provide peace of mind to users who want to safeguard their computers from ransomware attacks.

Overall, Ransomware Defender is a valuable investment for users who want to protect their computers and files from potential ransomware attacks.

Note: 30 days trial version. Requires .NET Framework.

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