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Total Virus Protection and Parental Control for Windows PC

Latest Version K7 Total Security 16.0.1180

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Windows 11

Updated May 10, 2024
Author K7 Computing Pvt Ltd.
Category Firewalls and Security
License Trial
Language English
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The new K7 Total Security with features to deliver powerful multi-layer protection for your PC. Unique K7 Cerebro Scanning technology rapidly detects the most potent malware threats along with proactive detection and response approach to futuristic threats that ensure all-round safety. Award-winning protection for your Win PCs and laptops! Parental control to keep your kids safe online! Enjoy!
K7 Total Security is a robust and feature-rich software application developed by K7 Computing. It offers a wide range of security and privacy features bundled together in a single package. With its advanced detection and prevention technologies, the app aims to safeguard your computer and online activities from various threats, ensuring a safe and secure digital environment.

An ultra-fast, incredibly intelligent scanning algorithm to detect real-time emerging threats and also predict future malware attacks. E-commerce operations are made safer by ensuring complete protection during online transactions on online banking sites, payment services, and online shopping sites.
  • Ensure the security of your devices, data, information, and files with a single all-in-one solution.
  • Benefit from state-of-the-art defense against malware, spyware, and ransomware.
  • Safeguard your digital identity with powerful privacy protection.
  • Experience comprehensive protection across multiple layers for all your devices.

Personal information such as passwords, bank account credentials that are entered by users on websites remains safe and untraceable. Download K7 Total Security today! Restricted access to the internet, games, applications, and websites can be achieved. File downloads can be controlled and transmission of private data like credit card information, mail credentials can be prevented.

Key Features

Real-time Threat Detection and Elimination
It offers real-time protection, detecting and removing threats as you browse, shop, bank, learn, and work online.

Optimized Performance and Protection
With the app, your device's performance remains unaffected while providing optimal protection. Additionally, it includes PC Tuneup features to optimize your device for peak performance.

Decades of Cybersecurity Expertise
Backed by over three decades of cybersecurity research, K7 protects more than 25 million customers worldwide.

Parental Control for Protecting Kids Online
It features robust parental control tools that allow you to filter harmful websites, block malicious and dangerous content, and secure your children's devices. You can also manage their online time and restrict access to specific websites or applications.

Secure Online Transactions
Your financial details, including bank account and credit card numbers, as well as passwords, are fully secured with K7 Total Security, even when using public Wi-Fi connections.

Web and Internet Protection
It provides powerful protection against hackers, utilizing features like a virtual keyboard to prevent keyloggers and phishing attempts.

Powered by Advanced Multi-layered Artificial Intelligence Technology (MAT)
The program leverages advanced multi-layered artificial intelligence technology to safeguard your computing activities across multiple digital layers. This cutting-edge technology utilizes the power of AI to offer the highest level of protection against cyberattacks.

Real-time Protection
It offers real-time scanning and protection against viruses, spyware, adware, and other malware threats.

Firewall Protection
It includes a powerful two-way firewall to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic, preventing unauthorized access and defending against network attacks.

Web Protection
The software provides web filtering and phishing protection, guarding against malicious websites and online scams.

Privacy Protection
It helps protect your sensitive information by offering tools for secure browsing, data encryption, and identity theft prevention.

System Cleanup Tools
It includes tools to optimize your system's performance by cleaning junk files, temporary data, and unnecessary registry entries.

Backup and Restore
The software offers secure data backup and restoration options, providing peace of mind in case of data loss or system failures.

External Device Protection:
It scans external devices like USB drives for malware and prevents auto-run infections.

Virtual Keyboard
It features a virtual keyboard to protect your sensitive data from keyloggers and other keystroke-based threats.


  • Children can explore the online world without endangering themselves to fake users and bad websites.
  • Parents can ban inappropriate content such as violent and adult related websites from showing up.
  • Automatically scans USB media as soon as they are plugged in and prevents hostile autoruns.
  • Uses low storage space and system performance remains unaffected.
  • Cleans up the system and automatically removes all harmful changes caused by malware infection.
  • Files are scanned for hidden malware and infected files are blocked.
  • Social networking made fun and secure.

User Interface

The program sports a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy for both novice and advanced users to navigate. The main dashboard provides a clear overview of your system's security status, with quick access to various features and settings. The layout is well-organized, ensuring essential functions are easily accessible.

Installation and Setup

Installing the app is a straightforward process. After downloading the installer from the official website or FileHorse, you can run it and follow the on-screen instructions. The software guides you through the necessary steps, and once the installation is complete, it performs an initial system scan to ensure your computer is free from any existing threats.

How to Use

After installation, it runs silently in the background, continuously monitoring your system for threats. You can access the software's settings and features through the main dashboard. Here are the basic steps to get started:

  • Launch K7 Total Security.
  • Familiarize yourself with the dashboard and available options.
  • Customize settings according to your preferences.
  • Perform a full system scan or schedule regular scans.
  • Enable real-time protection and firewall for continuous defense.
  • Explore additional features like web protection, privacy tools, and parental control.
  • Stay updated with the latest virus definitions and software upgrades.


Does K7 Total Security slow down my computer?
The app is designed to minimize resource usage, ensuring optimal performance. However, system performance can be impacted during scans or when running resource-intensive tasks alongside the software.

Can I install K7 Total Security on multiple devices?
Yes, depending on your subscription plan, you can install and activate the app on multiple devices, allowing you to protect all your computers and mobile devices.

Does K7 Total Security offer real-time updates?
Yes, it provides automatic updates to its virus definitions and software components, ensuring you have the latest protection against emerging threats.

Can I customize the level of security provided by K7 Total Security?
Yes, the software offers various customization options to adapt its security levels according to your needs. You can fine-tune settings for scans, firewall rules, web filtering, and more.


Bitdefender Total Security: It offers a powerful suite with advanced threat detection, multi-layer ransomware protection, and extensive privacy features.

Norton 360 Deluxe: A well-known name in the security industry, Norton 360 provides a range of security features alongside identity protection and online privacy tools.

Avast Premium Security: It includes features such as real-time threat detection, Wi-Fi scanning, and a sandbox for running suspicious programs safely.

McAfee Total Protection: The app combines antivirus, firewall, and web protection with additional features like encrypted storage and password manager.

AVG Internet Security: It provides solid protection against malware and online threats, offering features like webcam protection and ransomware protection.


1 Device / 1 Year - USD 16.20

The antivirus software pricing is structured on a subscription basis, where you pay an annual or multi-year fee for access to the product and its updates.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, or 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Processor: 1 GHz or higher
RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
Disk Space: 1.5 GB of free space
Active Internet connection for updates and activation
Administrator rights required to install the program


Comprehensive protection against viruses, malware, and online threats.
Robust firewall to prevent unauthorized access and network attacks.
Extensive privacy features, including secure browsing and identity theft prevention.
User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation.
Regular updates and reliable customer support.


System scans may slow down the computer during resource-intensive tasks.
Advanced customization options might be overwhelming for casual users.
The software's full range of features may not be necessary for all users.


It offers a feature-rich solution for protecting your digital life. With its wide array of security and privacy features, it aims to provide comprehensive defense against viruses, malware, and online threats.

While it may have some limitations, such as platform support and resource usage during scans, it excels in providing reliable protection and user-friendly experience. Whether you're an individual or a business, K7 Total Security is worth considering to ensure a safe and secure digital environment.

Note: 30 days trial version.

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