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Latest Version Microsoft Edge 125.0.2535.51

Windows 7 64/Windows 8 64/Windows 10 64/Windows 11

Updated May 19, 2024
Author Microsoft Corporation
Category Browsers and Plugins
License Freeware
Language English
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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer used to be the best web browser until Mozilla Firefox came along. Firefox was popular for a while until Google Chrome took over its popularity. Now, Microsoft is back with an all-new browser to compete with Chrome. It is Microsoft Edge.

Apparently, Microsoft was overly ambitious because they haven’t gotten enough people to come back to the Windows browser. There are different reasons why this is the case. Mainly, it has to do with the EdgeHTML engine which powers the browser.

Microsoft’s been actively trying to improve their browser for a while now. They’ve stopped using the EdgeHTML engine and switched to the Google Blink engine, with the browser being powered by Chromium. Edge Browser will continue to work the same way as before, though.
Better for Developers

Web developers must always make sure the websites they’re coding are compatible with every major browser being used in the present. To do this, they must pay attention to the primary browser engines used to make these browsers. The engines include Gecko by Mozilla, Blink by Google, WebKit by Apple, and EdgeHTML by Microsoft.

Since EdgeHTML is gone, it is now easier for web developers to keep their website creations compatible with the latest browsers out there.

Microsoft is smart to switch their browser engine to Google’s Blink because it is easier for the latest web standards to be implemented in their newest releases of Chromium. The development team of Edge just needs to keep these releases updated.

The aesthetics are the same

Microsoft Edge users don’t seem to mind the visual design of the browser because it is pretty much the same. In fact, the user interface is the most popular feature of the app. It makes sense that Microsoft wouldn’t try to change a design that is already liked.

The Chromium and EdgeHTML versions are not totally the same, though. Once you start looking at the menus of the browser, you’ll see differences. The classic sidebar has been replaced by the new Chromium settings. Users are actually praising this change.

Limited Visual Customization Choices

User personalization could use a lot more work. The only things that users can change are the favorites bar, default fonts, and home button.

If you liked the classic Edge’s dark theme, that is not completely implemented yet into this internet browser. But if you go to the edge://flags page, you can enable the theme.

Possibly Uses Less RAM; Feels Faster

When you first try out the browser, you’ll notice it runs great and loads webpages fast. It even feels as fast as Chrome, so that’ll make the transition easier if you’re looking to start using Edge Browser instead.

Despite the variations in RAM usage, It seems to have less RAM than Chrome. If you try to open several tabs at once, you’ll notice this. Overall, the performance is better than the previous EdgeHTML version.

Several parameters influence RAM usage, which means your results may be a bit different. Plus, the build is quite early, so you should see performance changes in the stable release.

An abundance of new extensions

The Chrome Web Store definitely has the most extensions available out of any other repository. The add-on you’re looking for will be there before anywhere else.

You must have a Chromium-powered browser for the extensions to work. Since the program falls into this category now, then you can use extensions with it too.

The Microsoft Store is still available, but users can freely install extensions of Chrome too.

Same Exterior, Different Interior

Overall, it appears like Microsoft made a good choice to start using Chromium. The design of the browser still looks and feels the same, but there are so many possibilities that could come in the future.

Right now, the build has not been officially released for general public use. Therefore, if you notice problems with it, don’t get too upset. This new version of Edge is in the development stage, and fixes are constantly being made for it.

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