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The classic franchise to a new level on PC with amazing animation!

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Updated August 12, 2020
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The Monopoly for PC is an official recreation of the popular board game that has managed to capture the attention of the world when it published by Hasbro for the first time in distant 1935. Centered about the theme of trading, negotiation, purchasing land, developing businesses, and collecting rent, this fun and easy to learn board game is often played by entire families and can be especially engaging to younger players who want to learn basics of the economy and intuitively become more well-versed in mathematics.

The computer version of this hit boardgame translates all of its visual and gameplay elements into a fun video game that can be played anytime you wish to find some fun in front of the PC screen. The graphics are well designed and eye-catching, with a large number of seamless animations and transitions. The UI elements are streamlined and easily accessible, enabling players of all ages to easily overview their entire holdings, bank account, and more. The Monopoly for PC also automatizes all dice rolls, player movements, and payments. To provide variety in play, players can also activate or reactive a wide array of “special rules” that can change the way the match is played.

Since Monopoly for Desktop is now handling all the economic moves, this version of the game can easily serve players who don’t want to manually handle money, calculate rents, and exchange money with other players. However, the longtime fans of the board game can experience the lack of “personal touch” when interacting with other players, where they can engage players, directly negotiate, and spot any inaccuracies in payments that can point to the other players trying cheat or hide something from you. These real-world elements can often elevate a simple game monopoly into the clash of the personalities and provide all players with an incredible amount of fun.

Even though this game features only one screen, with a dynamic 3D camera that can point to various elements of the board, the install size of the game is surprisingly over 200 MB, which was a lot for a game from several decades ago. To reach the maximum amount of players, the developers have optimized a Monopoly game for almost all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP, ME, 98SE, Windows 2000, and all modern versions of Microsoft Windows.

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