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It allows you to have multiple, cleanly separated instances of Minecraft!

Latest Version MultiMC 5 0.6.13

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Updated September 25, 2021
Author MultiMC Team
Category Games
License Freeware
Language English
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MultiMC is a game utility for a popular sandbox creative game Minecraft. It serves the role of the advanced launcher for Minecraft that gives every player the ability to create multiple and separate instances of Minecraft, with built-in tools for managing and troubleshooting all of the active game sessions. In addition to handling stock versions of game servers, the app also has support for managing individual extensions for each active instance – including their custom mods, saves, texture packs, player numbers, and more.

To achieve all this, MultiMC comes as a standalone dashboard that is full of easy-to-reach tools and a clear listing of currently active instances. On top of the app, you can access the row of the primary buttons for the general management of the servers (Add Instance, Folders, Settings, and Update). The majority of the app’s UI is taken by the listing screen, which includes names of the instances and all installed and active mods they have. On the far right you get an in-depth option for each selected instance, with easy to reach access to server launch controls, and Instance tools for editing, managing screenshots, exporting instance, and more.

During the years of development under an open-source license, MultiMC has grown considerably. Today it enables users to start Minecraft with a custom resolution, change numerous Java runtime options, show color-coded console output, custom groups and icons for all instances, automatic installation and mod management, exporting, and importing of Minecraft instances, mod management, and support for every version of Minecraft.

If you are a serious Minecraft player who feels that the default game launcher is not giving you the options that you require to satisfy your gaming needs, Multi MC will be a perfect utility for you.

MultiMC is 100% FREE and is very resource-light. It can be easily used on any desktop or laptop Windows PC that can run Minecraft.

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0.6.13 September 25, 2021 13.3 MB 0.6.12 March 23, 2021 13.29 MB 0.6.11 August 12, 2020 13.15 MB 0.6.8 August 10, 2020 13.15 MB 0.6.7 August 09, 2020 13.15 MB 0.6.6 August 08, 2020 13.15 MB