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A professional wrestling video game for your Windows PC

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Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Updated June 25, 2023
Author THQ
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WWE Raw is a retro wrestling title released on PC under the oversight of the video game publisher THQ in 2002. Originally released as the Xbox Classic title in early 2002, a port of this game arrived at the PC market late that year. Sadly, even on the launch day of this title, worldwide media and players welcomed it with open dissatisfaction, citing poor PC optimization, lack of advanced options, confusing user interface, and a very restrictive trial version that was distributed freely online.

The game also went through the rename, as it was originally called WWF Raw, which was changed in WWE Raw during the mid-2002, few months before PC port was released to sales.

WWE Raw was built from the ground up to satisfy the fans of WWE wrestling promotion, including many famous wrestlers from that time, game modes, and action-packed gameplay that tries to recreate daredevil action and advanced moves that can be seen on WWE TV programming each week. Even though it uses simplistic visuals, this game strives to emulate the presentation style of the WWE Raw TV show.

The wrestling gameplay itself is fast-paced and reactive, enabling players to quickly learn the basics, but with a lot of space left to invest time in learning advanced techniques for optimal play. The most notable gameplay system is for grappling (weak and strong grappling depending if the opponent is strong or weakened). The state of the wrestlers is showcased with the voltage meter bar, which is impacted any time players activate special moves, high flying attacks, taunts, and finishers. On the other hand, the bar charge reduces any time player starts repeating the same moves.

Supported game modes cover the basics such as one on one, tag matches, triple threat, and a few of the more interesting modes such as fatal four-way, handicap matches, battle royal, and fan-favorite King of the Ring and title tournaments. In addition to picking some of the available WWE superstars, players also have the ability to create their own brand new wrestlers, pick their attire, and even move set and entrance animation.

While this game did not receive stellar reviews, it remains a big part of WWE history in the gaming industry. WWE Raw received a full sequel a year later, that game never got a port on the PC platform.

WWE Raw can be played for FREE under its Trial license that limits the players from using three out of four available game modes, with just two wrestlers being available for play (The Rock and Kane).

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