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Shelter management & base construction simulator for PC

Latest Version Zero City: Shelter Survival for PC

Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Windows 11

Updated June 25, 2023
Author B.V.
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Zero City (also known as Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival) is a free-to-play mobile survival RPG simulator that is today fully playable on Windows PC with the help of modern Android emulators such as LDPlayer and Bluestacks.
The game gives players full control over an underground bunker that houses some of the last survivors of the worldwide apocalypse that was caused by the zombie virus and provides a wide array of tools and tactics for gathering more survivors, training them into more useful roles, building new sections of the bunker, organizing parties for seeking supplies, and much more.

In the addition to the long and varied story-driven campaign, this Zero City Zombie game also features an in-depth simulation of the citizens that are living in the bunker, comprehensive customization options, eye-catching visuals, atmospheric music, sound effects, and an online component where players can test their best-equipped champions in direct combat.

Zero City: last bunker on earth is a strategic title that can offer a lot of entertainment to the fans of real-time RPG games, and fans of the base-building concept. Since the resources in this post-apocalyptic world are scarce and hard to get, most of the player's struggles will revolve around the need to use their limited resources as smartly as possible, slowly evolving their underground bunker, training survivors, and assigning them important roles so that their entire shelter can prosper. Base construction simulation is augmented with the ever-present threat from outside elements, with the most dangerous of them being the hordes of Zombies that are shambling just outside the main gates.

The Multiplayer PvP section of the game revolves around training the elite squad of survivors, customizing and equipping them with the best equipment, and sending them to fight against enemies in either tournaments or direct attacks against their shelters.

Zero City is a beautiful title with detailed 3D visuals and streamlined controls. This game app can easily be played on both modern Windows PC desktops and laptops with the help of Android emulators. Instead of a small mobile window, Zero City can be played on computers as a full-screen monitor experience, with high-resolution visuals, perfect framerate, and customizable controls.

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